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Sun, Nov. 5th, 2006, 05:04 pm
new york.

sitting on the plane without moving for two and half hours waiting for the beverages to arrive(no joke). ending up in brooklyn at a bar where the bartenders were old women dressed in slutty halloween costumes. wandering drunkenly to another bar where harvey fell going up the stairs. five people in a room with one bed the first night. shopping sprees and everyone joining the new coat club. hot dogs...lots and lots of hot dogs. fao schwarz. val kilmer. the legion of doom headquarters in brooklyn. eleven dollar mojitos. seinfeld diner with bret. trl with the all american rejects and excessive camera time. being asked to come back to the halloween special the next day to dress up as lady sovereign by mike, my new mtv producer best friend. going on the view dressed as the golden girls and being told our costumes were "fucking funny" by the producer, thus getting the best seats in the house and special treatment. harvey to elizabeth "you look beautiful." "thanks, you look beautiful too." harvey to rosie "you were awesome in a league of their own." harvey to penn and teller "i love your show!!" lots and lots of free shit. carrying our free portable dvd players around the city. ditching out on trl but jana and rosa staying and pretending to be afraid of lizards for a segment? the cardigans at the knitting factory...possibly the most amazing show ever. rachel from the real world new york coming and standing next to me during the format's entire set. harvey meeting kiss and gene simmons telling him he has a big beard. lunch in central park on the rocks. getting yelled at by a bicyclist on the brooklyn bridge. a man drinking vodka straight out of the bottle on the subway talking about how he hasn't been with a woman in three years and loves black ass. getting to hang out with joe because vaux was in town. some rad bar on the lower east side. leaving the show and getting four dollar falafel. wandering around the east village/soho area. losing my id in said area. crying on the steps of the subway station upon realizing that i had lost my id. waiting half an hour for the r train which we later found out doesn't run past midnight. attempting to get a new id from the nyc dmv and getting yelled at. wandering around chinatown and soho with joe. getting free shit from some designer's loft in soho because we were with joe. dinner in little italy. constantly being in the danger zone. fucking fifty dollar cab ride. having to open the window of the hotel room because harvey made it smell so bad. sushi in brooklyn. losing matt at penn station. overhearing teenage kids talking about selling crack. candyland! the best puzzle ever. evil dead: the musical...for free. fucking white castle. flight on the way home also delayed an hour. getting to see jon, albeit briefly, in minnesota. jana and rosa almost missing out connecting flight. best sleep of my life last night.

Mon, Oct. 2nd, 2006, 11:51 am
blah blah blah

i always want to make entries in here but i can never think of anything worthwhile to say.
so, in an attempt to keep you informed about my life, ask me a question and i'll answer it.

Mon, Sep. 25th, 2006, 04:42 pm

i kind of had a really good week.
things are kind of crazy right now.
but that's kind of how i like them.
kind of.

school has started again and i'm actually excited about that.
i'm finally ready to get back into a school mindset.
and i'm really, really excited to go to new york next month.
and i'm actually just excited by life in general lately.

Thu, Sep. 14th, 2006, 12:22 am
eljay worthy.

all gold n green: lets hang out
all gold n green: tomorrow
MeGusta Shakira1: i cant
MeGusta Shakira1: we have a bunch of shit tomorrow
all gold n green: tell them to s your d
MeGusta Shakira1: i have to try to get my stuff from my dads
all gold n green: lame
MeGusta Shakira1: yeah
MeGusta Shakira1: i cant believe kfed has 4 kids now
all gold n green: what??
MeGusta Shakira1: he had 2
MeGusta Shakira1: and now 2 more
all gold n green: i don't think i knew about the newest one?
MeGusta Shakira1: well
MeGusta Shakira1: when he left shar jackson
MeGusta Shakira1: she was pregnant
all gold n green: ohhhhhhhhhhh
all gold n green: i thought you were talking about YOUR dad
MeGusta Shakira1: ohhhh
MeGusta Shakira1: no
all gold n green: i was like "wtf?"
all gold n green: hahahaha
MeGusta Shakira1: oh totally haha
all gold n green: i like how you went to explain it to me
all gold n green: hahahaha
all gold n green: oh man
MeGusta Shakira1: haha totally

she wrote "kfed" and i read it as "he."
oh man. i found this pretty amusing.
we talk about cool shit.

watch it!

Tue, Aug. 29th, 2006, 12:36 am

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trip was good.
birthday was good.
i'm good.

if you still care at all, don't call.

Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006, 11:59 am
my birthday.

so i had the amazing experience of going to one of the many doctor appointments that have taken over my life on my birthday. this time they did a pelvic exam and took six viles of blood to check my liver levels for the millionth time. this left me with a sweet bandage that i had to wear all day because the bruising on my arm was so bad. the girl that took my blood was new and had never met me so she asked me if i've ever had my blood drawn before. i laughed. at this point i'm surprised i don't have track marks. so yes. this is why i win the best birthday ever award. and i'm rather proud to have such an honor.

the real celebration will be friday. stoked.

tonight i go back to work. not stoked.
especially because i'm still on eastern time so i've been crashing early.

i want a rockstar energy juice right now.

Thu, Aug. 17th, 2006, 06:28 pm

sometimes i wish i didn't speak spanish. or rather, understand when other people speak spanish. a little while ago i walked down the street to get a rockstar energy juice (only to find they were sold out and settled for an arizona iced tea). so anyway, they're doing some remodeling there or something and as soon as i walk in the workers all go silent. and then they start talking again in spanish. and, granted i'm nowhere near fluent, but i definitely understood enough to feel really awkward. and then one of them told another to ask me if i had a boyfriend. cute.

also, today i went to the smithsonian museum of natural history and they have this whole huge exhibit on gems...they have the hope diamond, a pair of earrings that belonged to marie antoinette, and a necklace that napoleon gave to his wife. so, i'm looking at the necklace and a group of fifteen year olds is standing near me. one of them says "napoleon? do they mean like napoleon dynamite?" seriously? seriously. go public schools!

Wed, Aug. 9th, 2006, 06:32 pm
so i'm in virginia.

and already this trip has been interesting.

got stuck sitting next to some twenty-something guy named kent on the plane who was terrified of flying and made me hold his hand for take-off...yes, he seriously made me hold his hand.

then during the layover in cincinnati i saw a cockroach in the bathroom which was awesome.

then it turned out the plane from cincinnati to norfolk was a little piece of shit 40 seater and i was seated allll the way back next to the bathroom door, meaning i knew way too much about everyone that used the bathroom during the flight.

then we get here and my cousin picks us up and almost kills us about seven times.

oh, and my mom has already asked me if i'm pregnant and is convinced the guy at the front desk has the hots for me. awesome again.

oh well, at least we're here. and the hotel is right on the water and really nice. tomorrow we go to virginia beach. right now i go sleep because i didn't last night.

Mon, Aug. 7th, 2006, 01:19 pm

so at first i was doing pretty shitty. then a little time passed and i was "okay." in the last month and a half or so i think i've finally hit "good." honest to god, genuine, no bullshit "good." and that's such an amazing feeling you have no idea.

much needed vacation soon.

Wed, Jul. 26th, 2006, 10:10 pm

the fact that i got about 10 phone calls/ text messages today telling me that lance bass is gay is pretty sweet. the things that remind people of me never cease to amaze me in their sheer awesomeness. and...i always knew.

my mom just freaked out on me because i didn't go to my appointment to meet with a surgical expert yesterday. i worked until 3:45 and she made my appointment for 4:15 so it was half not having enough time and half just not wanting to go. they have yet to find anything actually wrong with my gall bladder, which i pointed out to my mom who then said that "they haven't done exploratory surgery yet." yeah...and they aren't going to. there will be no exploratory surgery done on me EVER. no one is going to cut me open unless they have a damn good reason to do so. this whole thing is such bullshit. i don't even care what's wrong with me anymore. my symptoms are ones i can deal with. so what if i'm tired a litle more than usual, get nauseous from time to time, have some weird bloodwork and am losing some weight. there are worse things in this world. as long as i'm not in pain, i don't care. and i think it's stupid that people are forcing me to go to these appointments now. i'm 22 years old, if i don't want to go to the fucking doctor i shouldn't have to. and if my insides explode and i die...well then that's what i get for being a stubborn asshole and it's no one's fault but my own. so just fucking deal with it. end rant.

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